The Catholic Juice, LLC

"I must bring them also, and they will heed my voice. So there shall be one flock, one shepherd." - John 10:16

Two Catholic Juice products, one for every occasion

  • Loved one drifting from Church? SEND THEM CATHOLIC JUICE!
  • Friend feeling down? QUENCH THEIR SOUL!
  • Colleague becoming Catholic? JUICE THEM!
  • Family undergoing life transitions? LET THEM TASTE THE QUENCH!

The Catholic Juice Box

An easy, customizable way to bring your loved ones back to Church! Send a Catholic Juice Box today! Just $20 plus shipping.

The catholic juice swift

Faster, subtle, and affordable, the Catholic Juice Swift is the easy way to quench a soul! Just $4.00 each and free shipping!

12 states have been quenched! Who's next? You can choose!

Solid Color = Catholic Juice Box

Dashed Lines = Catholic Juice Swift

Whoever quenches the 15th state will receive a free Catholic Juice Swift to be sent wherever you want!! #bethequench

The Catholic Juice is a limited liability company dedicated to bringing dormant Catholics back to Church! Quench a soul!

Brewing over any questions? Please contact me at or check out our social media @ CatholicJuice!