The Envelope

To start, Catholic Juice Box recipients will first spot an envelope boasting a custom or default letter, Juice recipe, Rosary user guide, Church info card and resource card! All of which will set the stage for a wonderful faith filled experience!

The Catholic Juice Recipe.pdf

The Catholic Juice Recipe

Each box arrives equipped with a Catholic Juice recipe containing an ingredient list and directions for maximum soul quench!

The Holy Rosary Manual.pdf

The Rosary Guide

This Rosary user guide makes mastery of one of the most powerful prayers a piece of cake!

Ex. of Parish info card

The Church Info Card

Finding the right Catholic Church can be a hassle. With a Church info card customized for each box finding great Churches is a cinch!

The Misconseption Toaster

The apologetics Sheet

Misconceptions regarding Catholicism can play a large role in one's journey away from the Church. With the misconception toaster, Church doctrine is easily understandable!

The New testament

A copy of the standard revised Catholic New Testament provides an excellent opportunity to get to know and love Jesus!

The Crucifix

A must-have ingredient, the majesty of God's love is unmistakable when gazing upon His beloved Son, Jesus!

The Rosary and Bag

Praying the Rosary is a sure way to build faith, and what better way to keep it handy than a handmade Catholic Juice Rosary pouch! No box would be complete without one.

(rosaries may vary from the one pictured)

The Gum

Gum + reading = a good time! Chewing gum is a perfect complement to the New Testament.

The Snack

Those receiving a Catholic Juice Box can munch on some delightful popcorn or a candy bar, scrumptious!

The Knowledge Quench Pamphlet

This informational pamphlet covers seven key Catholic teachings- the purpose of life, the purpose of the Church, the Eucharist, Reconciliation, papal infallibility, Mary and the saints, and the problem of evil. Understanding these ideas will be no problem with the aid of the knowledge quench!

The Pocket Rosary Guide

Pray the Rosary anywhere with the Catholic Juice pocket Rosary guide!

Bookmark for website.pdf number 2.pdf

The Bookmark

Losing one's page while daydreaming about Jesus is a common occurrence. Readers can play it safe with a nifty Catholic Juice bookmark!

The Prayer Card

A random prayer card will boost anyone's prayer life and Faith!

(cards may vary from those in picture)