"And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back again and take you to myself, so that where I am you also may be. " - John 14:3

The Catholic Juice Swift defined:

[Kath - uh - lik - joos - swift]

Noun: 1. A splendid gift containing six Catholic "ingredients" such as a handmade, one decade Rosary and prayer card. This small package can be send to family and friends to spread love and plant a seed of faith in recipients' hearts!

2. Nifty Fantasticness

Amazing value:

Customizable with an anonymous sending option, the Catholic Juice Swift offers an affordable and easy way to quench a soul!

The cause of the Swift:

Less expensive than the powerful Catholic Juice Box, this handy product effectively aids any troubled soul lucky enough to receive such a gift!


The Envelope

A stylish envelope sporting your loved one's name sets the stage for an awesome soul quench!

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The Prayer Drench

The prayer drench contains a ton of inspiration -- a note from the Catholic Juice, and a list of family and friends who are praying for the recipient!

The Personal letter

Perhaps the most important ingredient, no Catholic Juice Swift would be complete without a personal letter from you!

The 1 decade Rosary

This handmade one decade Rosary provides the one you love with an excellent way to pray!

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The POCKET Rosary guide

Pray the Rosary anywhere with the Catholic Juice pocket Rosary guide!

The Prayer Card

A random prayer card will boost anyone's prayer life and Faith!

(cards may vary from those in picture)